Born in the Czech Republic in 1953 and living in DK since 1981.

I have always had a preference for painting and have painted for many years, but more actively the last 12 years. I was instructed by the artists Soli Madsen and Karin de Neergaard, following Tanit courses both on Sardinia and in Denmark, Gerda Svane, Soli Madsen, Lars Tygesen, Mie Mørkeberg, Mette Hanemann, Beth Mohr. Maria Nikolaisen, the head of Ringsted Gallery, instructed me as well.                                      

In recent years I have had several separate exhibitions and have exhibited together with other artists.

I mainly find subjects when travelling and in nature to which I am strongly attached and which I have been engaged in, also professionally the last years of my life in the Czech Republic, working in the Krokonose/Riesengebirge National Park.

In my paintings I express my experiences, the greatness of nature and its colourful gamut, changing with the light and the seasons so quickly that many people in our busy world almost do not notice for lack of time.

With my works I want to initiate thoughts of the preservation of nature since, after all, we are part of it. My selection of colour is connected to the energies which influence me during the process of painting.